Voter Registration List to be Purged

Hood County sends out voter registration cards every two years (odd numbered years), if your cards is returned to our office the voter is put on 'suspense' status and sent a notice that he or she needs to update their address.  If voter does not respond and does not vote in the next two federal elections cycles then the registration is cancelled.  Voters placed on the suspense list on or before October 11, 2016, will be eligible to be cancelled this year. On December 4, 2018 Hood County purged these voters from the rolls. Visit the Texas Secretary of State's website (English or Spanish) to confirm registration.

If you reside in Hood County and are not on the voter registration rolls, you must fill out a voter registration application and mail it to us or drop it off at our office.  An individual cannot register online in the State of Texas!

2018 Texas Election Security Update - Click here

Responsibilities of Election Office

One of the most important functions of county government is to oversee the electoral process. The Elections Department is responsible for conducting:

  • All elections at the federal, state, and county levels
  • Certain other elections that contract with Hood County for election services
  • Voter registration

Vote Centers in Hood County

What does this mean to you? On Election Day, any Hood County registered voter may go to any one of the 10 polling locations in Hood County and vote. You do not have to go to your specific precinct. It is like early voting, but on Election Day!! View a printable flyer with the list of polling location in Hood County. View a Hood County Map of the locations.

Hood County voters use iVotronics from Election Systems and Software to cast their ballot. If you would like to get familiar with how to use the iVotronics before you come to vote, see quick start instructions, or watch a video.